2023 American Racer Cup Sportsman Program

The American Racer Cup presented by Sunoco Race Fuels enters the 2023 season with the goal of once again winning with weekly racers! Again, racers will be rewarded for their weekly performance at home tracks throughout the season with a cash point fund of more than $10,000 at year-end and product giveaways throughout the year.

Participating Speedways:

Sportsman participating speedways in the 2023 American Racer Cup are as follows: in New York – Accord (Crate), Afton Motorsports Park (Crate), Fonda (Crate), Outlaw (Crate), Utica-Rome (Crate) and Woodhull (Crate); in Pennsylvania – Big Diamond (Crate), Grandview (Open) and Penn Can (Crate); in New Jersey – Bridgeport (Crate) and New Egypt (Crate); and in Delaware – Georgetown (Crate) and now in Canada – Autodrome Granby (Crate) and Le RPM (Crate).


The American Racer Cup will rank a driver based on their ten (10) BEST finishes at each home track/participating speedway. A driver competing more than one night per weekend or in two Sportsman divisions at the same track, i.e. Open & Crate, must register separately for each participating speedway and will be ranked individually by results at each. Rankings for 2022 begin on Friday, April 14 and Monday, September 4.

Each speedway may only count a maximum of two (2) nights of Twin-20 features and a maximum of two (2) midweek race events to meet the minimum 10-race count (a midweek race is determined as any race Monday-Thursday). If a speedway does not complete a minimum of 10 races, their drivers will not be ranked in the overall title; however they will receive their home track tire incentives.

In the event of a tie, the established tiebreaker is a driver’s number of wins at the participating speedway between Friday, April 14 and Monday, September 4.

Weekly Point Breakdown:

The American Racer Cup weekly point breakdown is as follows: 1) 60; 2) 55; 3) 50; 4) 48; 5) 46; 6) 44; 7) 42; 8) 40; 9) 38; 10) 36; 11) 34; 12) 32; 13) 30; 14) 28; 15) 26; 16) 24; 17) 23; 18) 22; 19) 21; 20) 20; 21) 18; 22) 16; 23) 14; 24) 12; 25) 11; 26-28) 10.

Year-End Starting Field Bonus Points:

Starting field bonuses will be issued to competitors once, at year-end, based upon the average number of cars starting feature events at their participating speedway from April 14 through September 4.

The bonus point breakdown is as follows: 24 or more cars) 100 points; 22-23 cars) 90 points; 20-21 cars) 80 points; 15-19 cars) 70 points; 14 or below cars) 60 points.

Please note that bonus points will be awarded based on actual season-long car counts; car count average is not rounded up.

Overall Point Fund:

The American Racer Cup overall Sportsman point fund is as follows (top-15 share in cash awards): 1) $1,500; 2) $1,000; 3) $750; 4) $600; 5) $500; 6) $450; 7) $400; 8) $350; 9) $300; 10) $250; 11) $200; 12) $150; 13) $100; 14) $100; 15) $100. Total: $6,750

Tire Giveaways:

  • Two (2) tire drawings to be held for those registering prior to January 15.
  • Three (3) tire certificate giveaways via a “pre-season” drawing to those registered prior to April 1.
  • Up to twelve (12) tire certificate ($85 each) giveaways via weekly tire drawings at every participating speedway.
  • Home track tire award for top-three (3) finishers at each participating speedway at year-end. The breakdown is as follows: champion – three (3) tires; second – two (2) tires; third – one (1) tire.


American Racer Cup Sportsman registration is $40. Drivers must file a separate registration for each of the participating speedways where they will compete regularly or if one driver competes in two Sportsman divisions at a single speedway. Drivers must be registered by May 1 to be eligible for point fund money and awards.

Regional Breakdown:

Two “championships within a championship” will be contested as Insinger Performance presents North and South regional point funds valued at $3,000. North Region tracks are Accord, Afton, Autodrome Granby, Fonda, Outlaw, RPM, Utica-Rome and Woodhull. In the South Region: Big Diamond, Bridgeport, Georgetown, Grandview, New Egypt, and Penn Can.

Regional Point Funds:

Insinger Performance North and South Region point funds are as follows for each region: 1) $500; 2) $400; 3) $300; 4) $200; 5) $100. Total: $3,000

American Racer Cup Short Track SuperNationals Weekend

On October 6-7, 2023, the American Racer Cup Short Track SuperNationals Weekend will take place at Afton Motorsports Park. In additional to qualifying and main events run that weekend, there will be a special program for American Racer Cup track champions. The highest-finishing driver from each American Racer Cup track in attendance will be eligible to participate in the American Racer Cup Dash paying $1,000 to the winner and a FREE American Racer tire to all other participants.