American Racer Cup Announces Early Season Tire Drawing Winners; Registration Brisk For 2017

INDIANA, PA – Brisk early registration continues for the 2017 edition of the American Racer Cup presented by Sunoco Race Fuels.

The program is set for its eighth season of rewarding weekly racers in New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania with cash and product for simply competing at their home tracks. The program includes Modified and Sportsman competitors at the 13 member facilities competing on American Racer tires.

Last Saturday (March 11) at Del.’s Georgetown Speedway, a “pre-season” drawing was held at the drivers’ meeting for the Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series Fueled By VP Velocita South Region lid-lifter.

Winners were as follows:

Modified (certificate for a FREE American Racer tire): Richie Pratt Jr. (Bridgeport, N.J.); Mike White (Delaware International); Doug Manmiller (Grandview, Pa.); and Joe Dgien (Woodhull, N.Y.).

Sportsman (certificate for $85 each off the purchase of an American Racer tire): Eric Kormann (Bridgeport, N.J.); Dale Welty (Outlaw, N.Y.); Nathan Mohr (Big Diamond, Pa.); and Kenny Hammond (Thunder Mountain, N.Y.).

Drivers not in attendance at Georgetown will receive their certificates in the mail.

Registration forms can be found on the official American Racer Cup website – – under the “Forms” tab.

The race for ’17 American Racer Cup gets underway April 14.

At year-end, Modified competitors (top-15) will share in a $36,000 cash point fund. Rankings are determined by a driver’s 12 best finishes at a participating speedway, with a car count bonus issued at year end.

The Modified point fund for 2017 is as follows: 1) $10,000; 2) $5,000; 3) $4,000; 4) $3,500; 5) $2,500; 6) $2,000; 7) $1,750; 8) $1,500; 9) $1,250; 10) $1,000; 11) $900; 12) $800; 13) $700; 14) $600; 15) $500.

Bruce Insinger of Insinger Performance has posted another $5,700 in regional cash. Drivers in both the North and South regions will be eligible for the following point fund: 1) $1,000; 2) $750; 3) $500; 4) $350; 5) $250.

Drivers’ best 12 finishes at their home tracks and bonus points from newly announced American Racer Cup Challenge events will determine the regional champions. American Racer Cup Challenge races will be select events on the Short Track Super Series Fueled By VP schedule offering 25 bonus points to the winner, back to 10 for last and five for those unable to qualify.

Modified American Racer Cup Challenge races selected for ’17 are, in the South Region, the ‘South Jersey Shootout’ at N.J.’s Bridgeport Speedway on April 23 and the ‘Diamond State 50’ at Delaware International Speedway May 25; in the North Region, the ‘Battle of the Bullring 5’ at N.Y.’s Accord Speedway July 3 and the ‘Hustlin the High Banks 53’ at Woodhull (N.Y.) Raceway August 22.

Like their Modified counterparts, the top-15 Sportsman will share in a cash point fund based on their 12 best home-track finishes and car count bonus.

For 2017, the Sportsman point fund is 1) $1,500; 2) $1,000; 3) $750; 4) $600; 5) $500; 6) $450; 7) $400; 8) $350; 9) $300; 10) $250; 11) $200; 12) $150; 13) $100; 14) $100; 15) $100.

A regional distribution courtesy of Insinger Performance is an added incentive for Sportsman teams. The following point fund will go to North and South competitors: 1) $500; 2) $400; 3) $300; 4) $200; 5) $100.

American Racer Cup Challenge events are on the schedule for Sportsman racers, as well. In the North, events will be at I-88 Speedway in Afton, N.Y., June 21 (Crate) and Skyline Raceway in Blodgett Mills, N.Y., July 18 (Open). South events are planned for Delaware International May 25 (Crate) and Big Diamond Speedway in Minersville, Pa. June 6 (Open).

Complete ’17 American Racer Cup information can be found on the new website.

Member Speedways:

Modified Program Overview:

Sportsman Program Overview:

Tire Giveaway Summary:

To learn more about the American Racer Cup, visit the official website at, e-mail, follow on Twitter @racer_cup or on like Facebook: American Racer Cup.


Modified Registered Drivers (*as of March 16)

Driver Car No. Home Track
Bachetti, Andy 4 Afton Motorsports Park
Barone, Michael 267 Bridgeport Speedway
Beach, Kevin 17X Big Diamond Speedway
Bracelin, Blaine Jr. 79 Grandview Speedway
Britt, Jim 118 Big Diamond Speedway
Britt, Jim 118 Bridgeport Speedway
Brokaw, Randy B17 Thunder Mountain Speedway
Bunting, H.J. 85 Delaware International Speedway
Creeden, Danny 16X Accord Speedway
Creeden, Danny 16X Thunder Mountain Speedway
Daugherty, Chris 22JZ Woodhull Raceway
Dgien, Joe 3X Outlaw Speedway
Dgien, Joe 3X Woodhull Raceway
Dinkins, Marcus 17 Outlaw Speedway
Dissinger, Dave 88X Delaware International Speedway
Dougherty, Mike 18Jr. Penn Can Speedway
Dutton, Robert 888 Delaware International Speedway
Eurich, Rich 10 Accord Speedway
Fox, Randy 957 Five Mile Point Speedway
Fox, Randy 957 Penn Can Speedway
Fultz, Brady 70 Outlaw Speedway
Fultz, Brady 70 Woodhull Raceway
Geisler, Aleia 44 Five Mile Point Speedway
Godown, Ryan 26 Big Diamond Speedway
Godown, Ryan 66 New Egypt Speedway
Goodwin, P.J. 55 Five Mile Point Speedway
Groover, Dillon 88 Outlaw Speedway
Groover, Dillon 12X Woodhull Raceway
Hawkins, Dale 83 Delaware International Speedway
Hawkins, Matt 38 Delaware International Speedway
Hineline, Dan 15X Big Diamond Speedway
Hirthler, Brian 4* Grandview Speedway
Hirthler, Kevin 117 Grandview Speedway
Howard, Duane 357 Big Diamond Speedway
Howard, Duane 357 Grandview Speedway
Humes, Dan 0 Accord Speedway
Jackson, Stacy 22J Woodhull Raceway
Knapp, Glenn 26 Five Mile Point Speedway
Laubach, Rick 7 Bridgeport Speedway
Lawson, Donald 18 Woodhull Raceway
Lawson, Donnie 11 Outlaw Speedway
Lawson, Donnie 11 Woodhull Raceway
Loney, Mike 17D Penn Can Speedway
Malcolm, Brian 119 Penn Can Speedway
Malcolm, Brian 119 Thunder Mountain Speedway
Manmiller, Doug 44 Grandview Speedway
Martz, Sam 3 Bridgeport Speedway
McClelland, John 44 New Egypt Speedway
Meier, Tommy 3 Afton Motorsports Park
Mills, Jamie 30 Bridgeport Speedway
Olsommer, Ryan 51Z Penn Can Speedway
O’Neal, Howard 09 Delaware International Speedway
Osmun, Willie 23X New Egypt Speedway
Ostwald, Doug 29 New Egypt Speedway
Pauch, Billy 1 Bridgeport Speedway
Pauch, Billy Jr. 15 Big Diamond Speedway
Pauch, Billy Jr. 96 New Egypt Speedway
Perrego, Anthony 3 Accord Speedway
Petrilak, Nick 72 Penn Can Speedway
Pratt, Richie Jr. 28 Bridgeport Speedway
Roberts, Ronald Z14 Bridgeport Speedway
Rudalavage, Alan 145 Penn Can Speedway
Rudalavage, Alan 145 Woodhull Raceway
Sarkisian, Bob 47 Bridgeport Speedway
See, Ray 5 Accord Speedway
Smith, Jeremy 46 Thunder Mountain Speedway
Smith, Richard 16R Accord Speedway
Smith, Rusty 34 Afton Motorsports Park
Sockriter, Kevin 55 Delaware International Speedway
Strunk, Jeff 126 Big Diamond Speedway
Strunk, Jeff 126 Grandview Speedway
Szulewski, Brad 14Z Five Mile Point Speedway
Tatman, Clay 2T Delaware International Speedway
Titus, Ken 9 Afton Motorsports Park
Tonkin, Brett 15 Afton Motorsports Park
Tracy, Ryan 06 Woodhull Raceway
Trautschold, Mike 28 Afton Motorsports Park
Trice, Brad 33 Delaware International Speedway
Tyler, Danny 97T Accord Speedway
Van Horn, David 323ov New Egypt Speedway
Van Pelt, Billy 2 Woodhull Raceway
Von Dohren, Craig 88X Big Diamond Speedway
Von Dohren, Craig 1C Grandview Speedway
Walters, Brandon 22 Afton Motorsports Park
Watkins, Bobby 4 Delaware International Speedway
Watkins, Brandon 4W Delaware International Speedway
Watson, Jordan 1W Delaware International Speedway
Watt, Ryan 14W Bridgeport Speedway
Welty, Dale 9X Outlaw Speedway
Welty, Dale 9X Woodhull Raceway
White, Barry 131 Thunder Mountain Speedway
White, Michael 43 Delaware International Speedway
Wilcox, Brent 27 Thunder Mountain Speedway
Williams, Neal 0 Bridgeport Speedway
Wilson, Colton 42 Thunder Mountain Speedway


Sportsman Registered Drivers (*as of March 16)

Driver Car No. Home Track
Arnold, Brad 830 Grandview Speedway
Austin, Mike 9 Thunder Mountain Speedway (Crate)
Balzer, Marshall 71 Thunder Mountain Speedway (Open)
Branning, Nick 12B Penn Can Speedway
Brewer, Dayton 17 Woodhull Raceway
Brown, Scott 87 Woodhull Raceway
Butler, Brandon 16 Outlaw Speedway
Butler, Brandon 16 Woodhull Raceway
Costley, A.J. 40 Woodhull Raceway
Daugherty, Jeffery 22 Woodhull Raceway
Dgien, Jacob 3 Woodhull Raceway
Dgien, Jacob 3 Outlaw Speedway
Dissinger, Daryl X5 Big Diamond Speedway
Dissinger, Dave 88X Big Diamond Speedway
Eckert, Ken Jr. 29 Grandview Speedway
Forward, Isaiah 77 Thunder Mountain Speedway (Crate)
Fox, Randy 957 Five Mile Point Speedway
Fulper, J.R. 67 New Egypt Speedway (Open)
Funk, Joe 14 Grandview Speedway
Gallagher, James 31 Bridgeport Speedway
Gates, Randy 8 Skyline Raceway (Crate)
Grim, Brad 611 Grandview Speedway
Guererri, Nick 25G Outlaw Speedway
Hammond, Kenny 30 Thunder Mountain Speedway (Crate)
Harrington, Jeremy 30Pack Bridgeport Speedway
Henn, Jordan 77H Grandview Speedway
Higgs, Ryan 16 Grandview Speedway
Hill, Kinser 60X Thunder Mountain Speedway (Crate)
Hirthler, Brian 4* Grandview Speedway
Housworth, Jim 72 Grandview Speedway
Hutchings, Claude Jr. 84 Afton Motorsports Park (Open)
Jenkins, Chris 27J Bridgeport Speedway
Justice, Jordn 94 Delaware International Speedway
Keesey, Josh 4 Woodhull Raceway
Kormann, Eric 16S Bridgeport Speedway
Kormann, Eric 16S Delaware International Speedway
Krebs, Daryl 13K Thunder Mountain Speedway (Crate)
Kuhn, Brandon 16 Afton Motorsports Park (Crate)
Langenstein, Gary 78 Delaware International Speedway
LaPage, Pat 34 Outlaw Speedway
Lawson, Blake 18 Woodhull Raceway
Lineman, Bob USA1 New Egypt Speedway (Open)
Mady, Brian 2 Penn Can Speedway
Mekic, Larry 06 Thunder Mountain Speedway (Open)
Miller, Chuck 7X Skyline Raceway Park (Crate)
Mohr, Nathan 17M Big Diamond Speedway
Mohr, Nathan 17M Grandview Speedway
Moyer, Billy Jr. 17 Big Diamond Speedway
Osmun, Billy 14 New Egypt Speedway (Crate)
Osmun, Billy 81 New Egypt Speedway (Open)
Papiez, Brian 99X Grandview Speedway
Papiez, Brian 99 Bridgeport Speedway
Pope, Craig 42C Afton Motorsports Park (Open)
Reimert, Louden 58 Grandview Speedway
Roberts, Brad 14 Bridgeport Speedway
Rohner, Kyle 1R Five Mile Point Speedway
Rosa, David 61 Afton Motorsports Park (Open)
Rush, Jason 92 Delaware International Speedway
Schane, Michael M16 Penn Can Speedway
Smith, Andrew 1 Skyline Raceway Park (Crate)
Stangle, Matt 6 Big Diamond Speedway
Stangle, Matt 6 Bridgeport Speedway
Stone, Ryan 67R Five Mile Point Speedway
Stone, Ryan 67R Penn Can Speedway
Wall, Pat 5W New Egypt Speedway (Open)
Welty, Dale 123 Outlaw Speedway
White, Adam 15 Delaware International Speedway
Whitmoyer, Brandon 99B Grandview Speedway
Whitmoyer, Craig 99 Grandview Speedway
Williams, Lisa 10 Afton Motorsports Park (Open)